Matt Penna

Design and User Experience Consulting Services

Specializing in fixing consumer and non-consumer facing online experiences.

Case Study

Dashboard UI on Enterprise Portal

Created a single view portal user interface with gamification and data visualization elements that saved associates from viewing 50% of their workload from email. Arranges highest priority items at the top marked with a red label which corresponds to a horizontal bar on the screen. Psychological satisfaction is gained by removing "red" items from their inobx. This was the genesis of the game element in the UI.

White board session which developed the initial gamification concept.
Sketches developed into a PowerPoint prototype for our business partners.
Flow chart created to better understand recent task analysis session.
Tighted mockup which was created as a wireframe for approval by the business.
Detail of supervisor reporting feature experience.
Annotated sketch used during a UX session with team.


Sample work from projects

The following collection of work represents snapshots into how products were developed and in some cases a view of the final product.

Enterprise level user experience; visual data reporting example.
Annotated wireframe for developers describing edits and updates.
Wireframe of online learning material of tangible product.
Mockup of online learning material for use on mobile.
Double-sided instructor guide to accompany the new senior market learning material, Berlitz Experience.
Presentation slides for an online asset management system, image respository and knowledge base.
High level information architecture example.
Low fidelity wireframe for an internal online product feature request portal.
IA analysis for an ecommerce section of the Red Herring site.
Another exmple of an IA analysis for Red Herring.
Information architecture flow chart.
Final mock up for the Roache MD Home page utilizing the client approved information architecture flow chart.
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